We’re back! Visit Escondido introduces a new logo and new social media activities

We’re back! And just like you, we’re busy booking our calendar with new adventures. When the pandemic started, we took a break from showcasing our favorite places, but now we’re dusting off our social skills and stepping out in style to show off the hidden gems of Escondido.


With this new chapter of Visit Escondido comes a new logo and new activities including social media videos, contests and event collaborations.


Check out our new look!


Visit Escondido Mood Board

Visit Escondido logo with Avocado


One of the first questions we get about our new logo is “why the avocado?” And our response is “why not!?” Not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they represent the agricultural beginnings of Escondido and the chosen crop of many of our current day farmers.


Did you know the first avocado tree in San Diego County was planted here in 1884? Escondido grew around different crops over the decades (avocado, grapes and citrus to name a few) and many streets in town today are named after various crops and trees. The city is also home to key businesses that grew around the agricultural industry including food manufacturing and packing operations to wineries and restaurants.


From locally grown avocados available at our farmer’s market, to avocado toast at our favorite restaurants (and coffee shops!) to guacamole on tacos, an avocado experience is a must for your next Escondido jaunt.


However, we realize the avocado isn’t the only fruit celebrated in Escondido, so we made some alternative looks for special occasions that you may see throughout the year: grapes, an orange and a lemon!

Visit Escondido Alternative Logos: grapes, orange, lemon

Our team reviewed top social media posts, demographic information, comparable market best practices, website traffic data, popular SEO terms for top Escondido locations, and harnessed our community’s hometown feel to create a new look to attract visitors to Escondido.


We have a lot to share with you, so make sure to follow us on social meeting and get ready to tag @VisitEscondido and #VisitEscondido to share your favorite places and for your chance to be featured on our social channels!


Visit Escondido Instagram phone mockup with a call to action to follow the Visit Escondido Instagram page. Text says "Follow, tag, explore. Join us on Instagram"