Walkabout Australia Opens At San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Are you ready for the new Walkabout Australia adventure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park? Check out all of the animals and fun things to do and plan your Walkabout! This new Safari Exhibit opens Friday, May 25th.

Experience the New Age of Safari!
Envision yourself following a backcountry road shaded by eucalyptus trees, with brilliant red bottlebrush blooms waving to you in the breeze. Follow the path of the roo as you are transported Down Under to walk among kangaroos and wallabies, wonder at cassowaries and more—this is San Diego Zoo Safari Park Walkabout Australia!

“Hoppiness only comes from within.” #ROOISMs

You come upon an expanse of savanna meadow, where kangaroos and wallabies wander, close enough to touch. They nibble on the grasses, hopping to and fro, and stretch out on their sides to nap in the sun. You stroll among them, sharing their curiosity, perhaps finding a moment of connection with these big-footed marsupials. To engage with the kangaroo is to become one with it, recognizing the wisdom of the mob in looking out for one another with large eyes, acute hearing, and a keen sense of smell.

They are smaller in stature than their kangaroo cousins, but wallabies have no less awareness of their environment and their place within it. Why so many macropods evolved in the isolation of the Australian continent that are so similar in all but size is unknown. But there may be hidden meaning at the heart of humble mysteries. Like their fellow family members, mother wallabies are equipped with the wonders of a pouch, a warm, safe envelope to protect growing joeys, nurturing the life-force of the being to come.


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