Making Gin at Modern Maker Market

16oct6:00 pm7:30 pmMaking Gin at Modern Maker Market6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Compound Gin has been around since the birth of Gin and has quite the sordid history especially in our own country during prohibition with “Bathtub Gin”. Taking industrial alcohol and blending/infusing it – often with juniper and other botanicals – to mask the commonly horrendous taste of whatever base spirit could be acquired. Since home distillation for personal consumption is still prohibited in the USA, much like the legions before us, in this workshop we’ll be learning how to make compound gin. That is, taking a base “neutral spirit” and infusing it with juniper berries and other botanicals. Thankfully we’ll be skipping the turpentine and our end results can be down right stellar and tasty.

We will spend time tasting a variety of commercial gins to discuss their flavor profiles so attendees can learn where their individual preferences lie. Do you like citrusy, peppery, or floral gin? We’ll get to the bottom of it. Then after discussing a base framework for a gin recipe, the ingredient ratios and durations for infusing, attendees will make selections from our extensive herb supply to formulate their own herbal/botanical blend for their very own Compound-Gin.

Attendees will leave the class with juniper berries, their own hand selected herbal/botanical blend, and an empty re-usable liquor bottle with which to start their own infusion at home.