Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

In this much-anticipated annual celebration, you can walk through a greenhouse filled with thousands of butterflies of all colors and sizes.  the winged wonders perching on you! Enjoy taking amazing photos and “putting a face to a name” using the butterfly identification guides provided. Don’t let this magical moment flutter by without you!

There will be more than 30 species hailing from, Central, South and North America, including eye-catching butterflies such as the zebra longwing, orange-barred tiger, Grecian shoemaker, giant swallowtail and blue morpho. In addition to butterflies, 22 exotic bird species—including the endangered Bali myna and Mariana fruit dove—share the aviary.

The aviary also includes exotic birds, lush greenery and flowers. Butterfly Jungle guests are able to walk leisurely among butterflies of all colors, shapes and sizes, take photos and learn more about these remarkable winged creatures. Guests are encouraged to wear bright colors and move slowly, to attract the butterflies. They may land on your shoulder, your head or anywhere they want!

Butterfly Jungle is open from March 23 to May 12.
Park Hours: 9am – 6pm
Your Park Day Pass includes access to the Butterfly Jungle.
Priority butterfly viewing is available for a nominal fee. Inquire at the Lorikeet Landing ticket booth.
For more info, go to sdzsafaripark.org/butterflyjungle

Butterfly Jungle is presented by Wheelhouse Credit Union.

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