Dine Out At Vinz Wine Bar


by Jordan Krais

If animals could leave the zoo is a great premise to start with when visiting Escondido. One possible destination that every mammal should consider is Vinz Wine Bar, an event driven restaurant that looms over Grand Avenue Iike a defiant oak tree seeded from restaurants of Escondido’s past where the owner, Vinnie Griffin, honed his craft and fed his passion working every job from dishwasher to cook to manager.

The restaurant grows out of the heart of the business, a German New York City styled deli squirreled away behind the main building like a precious acorn. An idea paired from Vinnie’s time spent in Oregon selling wine and his youth growing up in the suburbs of New York City. The menu likewise resembles the deli, creative pairings of taste influenced by a man who’s crossed the country up and down, left and right. Only grandma’s lasagna stands unchanged.

For the annual “Dine Out Escondido!” restaurant week program the reformed prankster is offering a New York City inspired bagged lunch consisting of an Italian grinder, Wise potato chips, and a New York Seltzer soda for eight bucks at the deli. Perfect for throwing under the arm while taking in the Safari Park that makes the Bronx Zoo look like the local pet store.

Vinnie at Vinz Wine Bar
Jordan Krais is a poet from New York who recently moved to Escondido.  You can contact him with feedback and proposals at j.krais@yahoo.com.

Photo by Visit Escondido
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