New Cats in Town at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park


There are some awesome New Cats in Town at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

Guests at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Tull Family Tiger Trail were treated to a sneak peek on December 7th of a Sumatran tiger cub that is being hand-raised by animal care staff. As guests watched, the little tiger was given the opportunity to explore an outdoor area of his soon-to-be home at Tiger Trail for the first time.Safari Park Suka Tiger

Keepers from Tiger Trail and the Park’s Animal Care Center announced that the cub has been given the name Suka (pronounced SUE-ka), which means “loved” in Malay.

The male cub, born Sept. 24, had been hand-reared at the Animal Care Center. Keepers say the health of the cub has improved greatly under veterinary care.

With the addition of Suka, The Safari Park’s Tiger Trail is now home to 7 Sumatran tigers. There are fewer than 350 Sumatran tigers in Sumatra, and that number continues to drop. The species could be extinct by 2020 unless drastic measures are taken.

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King Cheetah Brothers Reign at the Safari ParkSafari Park Cheetahs

Two very special cheetah brothers recently arrived at the Safari Park. Isoka (Soka for short) and Okubi (Kubi for short) come from one of the largest captive cheetah litters ever recorded. Born September 1, 2014, they are two of eight cubs from a facility in Connecticut. Their mother is a King cheetah, which is a rare genetic variation giving cheetahs a larger stature and striped markings.

Since Isoka and Okubi are only “half” King cheetah, they do not have stripes but they are large and have some interesting markings. Although they arrived right around their first birthday without any formal training, they have taken to the ambassador lifestyle incredibly well and can be seen making appearances around the Park in preparation for joining our Shiley’s Cheetah Run event in 2016.

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