Tiger Trail at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park


The tiger is one of the world’s most reverBreakfast with the Tigers at San Diego Zoo Safari Parked animals, a symbol of power, strength, and regal dignity. Formidable, graceful, intense, compelling, fierce, and awe inspiring, tigers have come to represent the essence of wildness itself. Experience the power of tigers in person as you explore their new home at Tiger Trail.

The 5.2-acre Tull Family Tiger Trail opened is open at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and  includes three separate yards for the tigers with rocks for climbing, ponds for swimming, deadwood trees to use as scratching posts and tall grasses for catnaps. Tiger Trail will be a forested habitat offering up-close views of the tigers, including a birthing den with outdoor space, and highlight conservation efforts for the species throughout.

The Park is currently home to six Sumatran tigers. There are fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers in the wild and that number continues to drop. Scientists estimate that this species could become extinct in its native Sumatra by 2020, unless drastic measures are taken to protect and preserve it.

Tigers face many challenges in the wild, from loss of habitat to human-tiger conflict, but the biggest threat continues to be poaching. Tigers are killed and their body parts sold illegally, mostly for folk remedies. People can help protect wild tigers by avoiding products that harm tiger habitat and refusing to purchase items made from endangered wildlife.

Bringing species back from the brink of extinction is the goal of San Diego Zoo Global. As a leader in conservation, the work of San Diego Zoo Global includes onsite wildlife conservation efforts (representing both plants and animals) at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, as well as international field programs on six continents. The important conservation and science work of these entities is made possible by the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy and is supported in part by the Foundation of the Zoological Society of San Diego.

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