From Safari to Surf, Escondido has got it all!


From Safari to Surf!

People are often surprised to find that when they visit Escondido, there is so much to see and do! You can enjoy an assortment of eateries to satisfy any budget, a variety of boutique shops and art galleries showcasing both local and international talent. You start the day off on safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Later you can take the Sprinter over to Oceanside Pier to enjoy the sun and surf and then sprint back to spend the evening enjoying one of the many gourmet dining options available. If you’re spending several days in town, you don’t have to worry about running out of activity options and things to do. You can enjoy a game of bowling while you take a break from perusing the variety of shops available at Westfield Mall. If you’re enjoying fishing, hiking, biking, golfing, or any other outside activity in the Escondido sunshine but you need a break from outdoors, you can enjoy ice skating at the Iceoplex. Of course there’s always something special being cooked up for our residents and guests to enjoy, like the Cruisin’ Grand, Grape Day, Street Fair and many other Festivals.

Although this “hidden” valley has so much to offer those of us who live here, we can’t be selfish with our good fortune. At the “Visit Escondido” Convention and Visitors Bureau, we’re taking our mission very seriously, which is to promote travel and tourism to our amazing city and to share all that Escondido has to offer our visiting guests.

Toward that end, we’ve been on a mission to establish new and exciting methods of spreading the word. This includes partnering with Terry Hall at on the development of a brand new “Visit Escondido” website, which was unveiled earlier this year. The new website is a much more robust, dynamic and intuitive site with greater content and resources and the integration of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to establish a greater reach to and connection with our existing and potential guests. You can get connected to our social media pages through the links provided on the site.

When you visit the new Visit Escondido website or Facebook page, be sure to also subscribe to our “Visit Escondido Newsletter” so that you can receive our updates, announcements, discounts & promotions, and information on upcoming events, contests and giveaways! Be sure to “Like” and share the Visit Escondido Facebook page and posts with your friends and family as well. We appreciate all, both near and far, who support our community and we are working hard to reward your loyalty and the commitment you share with us in spreading the word about our incredible city and home, Escondido.



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