Split Infinity Film Festival

Split Infinity Film Festival

Join us downtown on Saturday,August 31, for another great short film (15min or less) Fest at the Municipal Gallery and outdoors.   The Split Infinity Film Festival highlights films by independent film makers Beverly Woodworth, Glen Durrance,  Stephen Nossan,  Gwyn Henry, Bettina Heinz, Claire L. Evans and Catherine O’Brien The screenings will take place indoors and outdoors throughout the evening.
This fest takes place during the Art+Science:Ubiquity & Permanence exhibition which will be open during the screening until 9pm. We will be screening films by curator Claire L. Evans including “Evolution in 60 seconds”
About some of the films:
The Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds is an experiment in scale: By condensing 4.6 billion years of history into a minute, the video is a self-contained timepiece. Like a specialized clock, it gives one a sense of perspective. Everything, from the formation of the Earth, to the Cambrian Explosion, to the evolution of mice and squirrels, is proportionate to everything else, displaying humankind as a blip, almost indiscernible in the layered course of history.  Director and Art+Science juror Claire L. Evans 
It All Started With Mom is a short video that documents a family’s perspective of meeting and courting suitable partners. It crosses three generations and six decades of dating rituals.  Filmmaker, Catherine O’Brien, along with her brilliant artist/husband, illustrate three basic points of conventional dating wisdom.

This is the first time we have taken the fest outside and could use extra laptop speakers if you have any bring them to the event (with your name on them).   If you would like to volunteer for the event contact gallery manager Chrisanne for more info @ eapchris@yahoo.com or by phone at (760) 480-4101.

See you Saturday at the corner of Juniper St. and Grand Ave.  Like us on Facebook for updates and pictures

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