Welk Illusionist Hernandez Back For Another Season


March 27 will mark the 2013 season opening of Welk Illusions at the Welk Resort Theatre in Escondido. Award-winning magician and illusionist Anthony Hernandez returns for his seventh year with an all-new show.

“Our last show was very good and it was hard to let it go”, states Hernandez.  “There were amazing tricks and fan favorites in the show and it almost felt like we just couldn’t do any better than that.”  Once the magic team knew they were being renewed for a seventh season, the search was on.  The search Hernandez is speaking of, is the hunt for new illusions that would wow and inspire his audience at the Welk Theatre.

His number one assistant, Dawn Morgan, saw a used illusion online and they could have taken the fast and easy route to building their new show based around it.  However, while Hernandez liked the illusion, he had a few ideas to make it even better.  Hernandez wanted to modify the idea, and take it to a higher performance level, making the magic entirely his own.  So off to the designer they went with ideas in head.  “It is hard to get something out of your head and into reality with props.”, said Hernandez, “There is no trial and error.  You build it and either it works, or it doesn’t.”  The new illusion took months to build and was delivered just this week to start rehearsing.

2013 hasn’t been so lucky for the illusionist.  In January their trailer was broken into and a lot of their favorite, custom-made magic was stolen.  Then another new prop that was ordered came broken and had to be sent back.  As of today they are still awaiting the return of the new, replacement prop for next Wednesday.

Morgan reflects, “Sometimes things happen to push you to go in a different direction.”  One of the fan favorite props stolen was their original, Instant Superman, where a gentleman out of the audience is made into the magician. ” I went up to Anthony and said, ‘bad news is your best prop was stolen, good news is it means we are supposed to do Instant Elvis this year!'”

How can an illusionist argue with logic like that?

Welk Illusions opens Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. and runs through August 2013.  To buy tickets call:  1 888-802 7469.

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