Erin & Matthew’s Wedding Thank You To Escondido


Visit Escondido is thrilled to assist Erin and Matthew in sharing their gratitude and love to everyone who made their special wedding week a wonderful success! We want to thank Erin, as well, for coming into our Visitors Center several times over the year, as a local resident, with her Mom, to learn about what was available to her right here in her hometown. We couldn’t be happier that they chose to stay local for their wedding! Cheers!

Erin and Matthews Wedding EscondidoMy Husband and I recently celebrated our love with a fantastic wedding right here in Escondido on July 9th, 2016.  We cannot begin to express what a wonderful week it was, from events planned around town to the big day itself; we made full use of as many local vendors, businesses, and beloved spots in town as we could. 

Both Matthew and I would like to express our sincere thanks to every person, place, and business involved with giving us such kind attention and for making every moment so beautifully memorable for us.  Here is a “short” list of them; we truly hope other couples and families planning special events will consider these local spots.

We had guests from all over the Country and as far as Jakarta, Indonesia.  Most of our relatives and friends are East Coast, DC area, but we have a number in Chicago, Milwaukee, Colorado, and Texas, where we both lived for many years.  We also had people in from the Bay Area and Tacoma, WA.

Much thanks and appreciation to all of you, we hope we mentioned everyone!
Erin and Matthew Thies

California Center for the Arts, Escondido: A beautiful location! Terri’s care of our event was masterful!  She handled every detail with such professionalism and dedication to making our day go off without a hitch.   Also related to Arts Center, the 4th of July event was our first “official” kick off to the wedding week, and a number of guests joined us on the lawn for a picnic to hear the Marine Band and see the fireworks.

Rosemary Duff Florist: Sue outdid herself, my bouquet alone made me scream with elation when I saw it, and the arrangements were stunning.  She captured the vision I had in my “bride brain” and made it reality.  Those flowers were SO beautiful.

SD Rentals: We added wine barrel belly bars, market lights, and full length table linens from these guys to the reception; they were great and so very reasonable.

Prestige Nails did a fantastic job pampering us and getting us ready for the big day!

Cute Cakes: I’m told the cake was delicious.  Matthew loved it, in addition to tasting the flavors and selecting them.  It was certainly beautiful, though I was unable to eat it  due to a severe gluten intolerance, so I brought a cake from home for the reception.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio:  I do not dance.  These guys were so patient in working with both of us but also in making the first dance survivable for (especially 2 left feet bride me) us, and we ended up having a lot of fun.

Daley Ranch: We planned our wedding morning hike here, our guests LOVED it, and it continues to be a dear place to our hearts here, what a gift to have this place.

Mi Guadalajara: They did a splendid job with the rehearsal dinner.  Full bellies, happy smiles all around.

Cruisin’ Grand: We planned the rehearsal to end early so we could mingle with non-wedding party folks among the cars afterwards to showcase the highlight of summer nights here.

Pinup Culture: We LOVE this store!  They handled my entire rehearsal dinner look.  Chary helped select and tailor my dress and Lola gave me a vintage look that had me feeling super special for that night and kept in theme with the classic cars.

Crossfit Escondido: Our coaches allowed us to program a “wedding WOD” the day before our wedding, which several of our guests signed up to suffer through with us.  It was a blast and only reinforced what an amazing gym and great training we have right at our fingertips.

The Best Western and Comfort Inn: Many of our guests stayed at these locations and I’m told people got a good night’s sleep.

The Wooden Spoon: Matthew and I ate here the night before our families started arriving, and Chef Jesse was very kind to meet with me about catering the event way back when we were considering a different venue.  We were sad not to use him but love this spot and had to mention it.

Bellamy’s: We gathered a group of guests here after Cruisin’ Grand and while they were nearing the end of business, provided wonderful cocktails and great ambiance with the piano bar.  We were able to catch up with quite a few dear, old friends before the craziness of the wedding day.

Trader Joe’s: We bought all of our wedding reception wine here, (not 2-buck chuck) and ordered the centerpieces, (potted orchids) from Trader Joe’s and they were so lovely. We have a daily reminder of the day in our home with about six of them that we kept, the rest being given to friends and family who took them home from the wedding. I believe crewmember Dan got married in August and he was so helpful in selecting some extra cases of wine and thinking through numbers with me.  I hope his day was just as great as ours was.

O’Sullivans: Some drinks may have been had here :-)… but we took my folks here the week before for an easy meal, and the fiddle/singing were so much fun.  A couple nights later, we met some family friends for a pint and the same guys were playing and they wished us well with a special wedding song, “Don’t get married.”  Such a great pub for us to walk to and many of our guests found it very charming during the week.

Starbucks Del Lago location: Had coffee travelers ready at break of day for our many sleepy mornings, and a special reserve roast for me on the Clover the morning of the wedding.  Full disclosure, I work here part time but they helped make the week have that extra touch and I am really grateful for those travelers!

Filippi’s: After the festivities, we didn’t want to cook but still had guests in town, so we went for pizza.  The ultimate comfort food and something casual for everyone here.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Stone Brewing Co: a number of our guests visited these iconic locations and reported that excellent times were had by all.  I met a few lingering guests at the Safari Park after the wedding and they loved it!  We also had a small family gathering at Stone before the wedding that was absolutely perfect.

Joy’s Dry Cleaners took care of cleaning and preserving my dress after the wedding.